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Assembling Citizens websiteAssembling Citizens is a vast database of flexible assembly outlines for Secondary schools related to PSHE and citizenship issues. This subscription site has now been linked to, which means that Assembling Citizens subscribers have got access to hundreds of additional resources, while subscribers have access to the back-catalogue of hundreds of assemblies from Assembling Citizens - a win-win situation for everybody!

New assemblies will now be added directly to To access the vast catalogue of assemblies already published, simply click on the 'Download' link below, which will redirect you to the Assembling Citizens site's members area.

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Signs of the times KS3 2011-43

As we enter the season of Advent, when Christians focus on signs of the coming Christ, what signs can we be looking for, and how do we act upon them?

Size: 170KB


2011 Rugby world cup KS3 2011-42

What can we learn from the mistakes made by the England Rugby world cup team?

Size: 176KB


Thou shalt not commit murder KS3 2011-41

Since changes in the law, it is possible for someone to be tried twice for the same crime.

Size: 182KB


7 billion and counting KS3 2011-40

How can we be unique when the population of the world is now over 7 billion?

Size: 174KB


Challenging authority

Is it ever right to challenge authority? Is there a good way of challenging authority?

Size: 176KB


Taking a stand for right 2011-28 KS3

Examining different approaches to taking a stand for what you believe in. Featuring Brian Haw and Burmese opposition politician, Aung San Suu Kyi.

Size: 208KB


More than a moan 2001-27 KS3

The anti-war protestor Brain Haw persisted in his protest. What do you think is worth persisting with?

Size: 258KB


What is a friend? 2011-26 KS3

A look at the effects of Facebook on our community and to consider the benefits and dangers of social networking followed by a reflection of the Bible?s advice on friendship from Proverbs.

Size: 416KB


Using your talents 2001-25 KS3

To explain that God has given us talents to help ourselves and other people, with a reference to the European e coli outbreak. The assembly is for presentation by two people, these could be two adults, or two pupils.

Size: 162KB


The Easter Story 2011-13 KS3

To consider the importance of the cross to Christians, discover what the Bible says about the cross and reflect on what 'the cross' means. Includes a symbol quiz and an Easter call my bluff quiz.

Size: 745KB


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