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Resourcing Learning . . . supporting the teaching of Christianity in RE

Our mission at The Stapleford Centre has always been to provide innovative, relevant and expert teaching and learning resources for schools. Over the years, our resources have been produced by leading professionals in the educational field, and the duration and popularity of these materials are testament to their quality. For a taster, click on the free resources section.

Stimulating Thinking . . . about Christian involvement in education

One of the main functions of The Stapleford Centre is to promote critical thinking amongst teachers about education and Christianity, and we have a tradition of producing and encouraging high quality work in the world of academia.

Nurturing Faith . . . supporting Christian teachers and school leaders

We believe that Christian teachers need to be supported as they undertake one of the most challenging roles in society: to transform lives, promote learning and raise up the next generation of leaders. Through our programme of seminars and conferences we aim to provide tailored professional and personal development for Christian teachers and school leaders that both stimulates thinking and nurtures faith. Alongside this programme, weekly downloads such as ‘Another Day’, a series of short biblical reflections for Christian teachers, and our quiet days, ‘Come and Rest’, ensure that The Stapleford Centre is well placed to nurture the faith of Christian teachers.

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About The Stapleford Centre

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