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Foundation stage


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Foundation stage activities to help children explore some of the 'Big Questions' they have about life and the world.


Session 1 - Creation: Where do we come from?

Explores the Big Question of 'How was the world made?' from a Christian perspective. Children have the opportunity to explore the world and the variety it contains.

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Session 2 - God: Who belongs to God?

Exploring belonging and the implications of belonging to God through the story of Jesus' baptism. This session also includes 'what God is like' and 'saying sorry'.

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Session 3 - Right and wrong: What is the right way to live?

This session looks at the Ten Commandments and rules and laws that children encounter. Who helps children to keep the rules?

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Session 4 - Life after death: The Easter story

Exploring the Easter story, how Christians celebrate Easter, and why Easter is so important to them. Easter is also a time of great sadness and happiness for Christians - what experience have children had of these emotions?

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