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Key stage one


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Lessons to help pupils explore some of the Big Questions they ask and the Christian response to those questions.

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Lesson 1 - What is a question?

To help pupils understand what a question is, to ask and answer their questions and to recognise that some questions cannot be answered.

Size: 155KB


PowerPoint 1 - What is a question?

A series of questions to use in lesson 1. What is a question?

Size: 522KB


Lesson 2 - Questions about religion and God

Building on the work in lesson 1, pupils formulate their own questions about religion and God and recognise that some questions don't have answers.

Size: 139KB


PowerPoint 2 - Questions about religion and God

To use in lesson 2, Questions about religion and God

Size: 500KB


Lesson 3 - Creation question

Pupils hear how Christians believe the world was made, and share their ideas about the creation of the earth.

Size: 141KB


PowerPoint 3 - Creation questions

Photographs of the world to encourage pupils to ask Big Questions about how it was made.

Size: 3MB


Lesson 4 - Is it ever right to lie?

Using the story of Jacob and Esau, pupils explore the concept of lying and formulate their own answers to the Big Question: Is it ever right to lie?

Size: 159KB


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