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Key stage two


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A series of lessons for KS2 enabling pupils to explore some 'Big Questions' and learn the Christian response to those questions.

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Lesson 1 - Asking questions

Pupils consider the importance of asking questions and generate their own questions about religion and God.

Size: 138KB


Lesson 2 - What about our world?

After learning what Christians believe about their responsibilities towards the world, pupils reflect on their own responsibilities and their possible responses.

Size: 153KB


Our world

Photographs of the world to use with lesson 2, What about our world?

Size: 6MB


Lesson 3 - What happens after we die?

Pupils are given the opportunity to discuss death and what happens when someone dies, in a safe environment. They also learn what Christians believe about death.

Size: 171KB


Lesson 4 - Debating Big Questions

Exploring and then debating a 'Big Question' of the pupils' choosing. This will take longer than one lesson.

Size: 136KB


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