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Key stage one


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 Four lessons to support a topic on community.

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01 - Families

What is a family? Introducing the idea that Christians see the church as another family.

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02 - Baptism

Baptism as a way of belonging and what happens during a baptism to mark this belonging.

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03 - What is it like to belong to a church?

What might it be like to belong to a church? What might be involved and what activities happened in a church during the week?

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04 - Being part of a Christian community

Comparing life for pupils in the school community with life for a nun in a convent.

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Family groupings

Photographs of different families.

Size: 5MB


A day in the life of a convent (KS1)

Spend a day with the nuns at The Community of the Holy Name, exploring prayer and worship, eucharist, community, hospitality, work and silence.

Size: 8MB


A day in the life of a convent-notes

These notes accompany the A Day in the Life of a Convent scrapbook, which is based on the Community of the Holy Name, and their home at the convent in Derby.

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