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A great selection of Assembly material that will support work on Inspirational Christians for Primary schools.


Alexander Fleming

Alexander Fleming was the pioneer scientist who discovered the antibiotic penicillin. It is estimated that Fleming's work saved the life of thousand of soldiers during World War II.

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Deborah is a famous character from the Bible. She encourages the people of Israel to fight their enemies and leads them to victory.

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Ignatius Loyola

Born in 1491 an injury in battle led Ignatius Loyola to stop being a soldier and form the Society of Jesus.

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Joan Waste of Derby

Joan Waste is an an example of a Christian martyr. She lived in the 16th century and although blind had the Bible read to her every day. This ultimately led to her death.

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John Groom

Challenged by the poverty he saw in London over 100 years ago and the way disabled people were treated, John Groom set out to change society.

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John Laing; God's builder

John Laing owned the building firm that rebuilt Coventry Cathedral after World War II. A committed Christian he gave much of his wealth away and when he died only had ?371 in the bank.

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Mario Borelli

Mario Borelli was a Catholic priest who worked to help homeless, orphaned children who lived in Naples just after World War II.

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Robert Raikes

Robert Raikes lived in Gloucester in the late 19th century. Shocked by the number of children he saw in rags he opened 'Sunday Schools' that taught children to read and write. These schools were paid for by voluntary contributions without government support.

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St Adelaide

St Adelaide was born in 930AD. She lived a difficult life but still made it possible for a number of monasteries to be built during her lifetime.

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St Andrew

St Andrew was one of Jesus' first disciples and a member of the early Church. St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland.

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St Augustine of Hippo

Born in 354 AD Augustine became a Christian after a period of drinking and parties. He went on to become a bishop and great leader in the church.

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St Bathildis

St Bathildis lived her early life as a slave. Eventually she was freed and later married the king of France. Bathildis' memory of slavery inspired her to build hospitals and to care fro those who were poor or in slavery.

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St Edmund

St Edmund was the king of a small part of England who reigned in the 9th century. He chose to reign fairly and always sought to copy positive behaviour. The modern town of Bury St Edmund's bears his name to this day.

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St Francis

Founder of the Franciscan order, St Francis gave up a wealthy life to live a simple life built around the worship of God.

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St George

No one knows who St George was, but the mythical story of him defeating a dragon remains the one that most people remember. St George is the patron saint of England.

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St Patrick

St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. He was captured as a child by raiders and taken to Ireland. After escaping and going back to Britain, Patrick returned to Ireland in 432AD to spread the news of Christianity to the Irish people.

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William Tyndale

William Tyndale lived in the 16th century at a time when the Bible could only be read in a church or if you were very rich. Tyndale believed that the Bible should be available to all so started the process of translating the Bible into English.

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