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Key stage two


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A series of lessons to help pupils explore the theme of 'Story'.

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01 - Is the Bible a storybook?

This lesson aims to convey an understanding that Christians believe that the Bible is true, as well as that the Bible is made up of lots of different types of texts.

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02 - Stories of Jesus' ministry

A lesson on the stories of Jesus' ministry that aims to retell a number of miracles that Jesus did and convey an understanding of the fact that many Christians believe these miracles happened.

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03 - Understanding Jesus' stories

The aims of this lesson are to understand what parables are and why Jesus told parables.

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04 - The greatest story ever told?

The aims of this lesson are to know the Easter story, as well as to examine the evidence for Jesus' death and resurrection.

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The greatest story ever told?

A PowerPoint file to accompany lesson '04 - The greatest story ever told'.

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